Puzzle | Majestic Lion | 1000 Piece

Majestic Lion by artist Jennifer Mercede

Originally from the East Coast, now living in Portland, Oregon, Jennifer Mercede loves to create in the moment. From making art to playing music and writing, her art is playful and vibrant. Her paintings consist of free-flowing text, bright color, and energetic doodling. She is inspired by children's art, funky color combinations, graffiti, and abstract expressionism. To quote Mercede, "I paint fast, I doodle. I stream of conscious. For me there is no such thing as mistake in art!"

Product Information

* 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

* Assembled puzzle size: 19.25” W x 26.625” H

* Includes 2 reference art inserts

* ESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink

* Ribbon random-cut pieces

* Package size: 5.25” Dia x 10” H

* Recommended age:  13+ years

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