Floaty Pens | Professional Procrastination

Finally, a couple of pens that you'll actually care about losing.These vintage-inspired floaty pens by Brass Monkey feature words that move and change as you interact with them.They're perfect for showing your co-workers just how talented you are at putting off even the smallest of tasks. Procrastinator? Ha! Try Mastercrastinator. Watch out world, you're raising a bar...just not THE bar, per se.

  • Includes two unique vintage-inspired floaty pens.

  • Pen 1: Procrastinator (which changes to Mastercrastinator when in use)

  • Pen 2: Professional (which changes to Adequatefessional when in use)

  • Each pen measures 6" long and .5" in diameter.

  • Writes in black ink, via ballpoint tips.

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